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Addiction Specialist & Professional Interventionist


Dr. Joseph Kirkpatrick

 Professional Interventions
& Crisis Management

The most important decision that any family can make to save a loved one from addiction is to work with a certified, experienced professional interventionist.


When hospitals, jails or other compromising situations are involved, you need a trained and experienced expert to lead you every step of the way, and get your loved one the help they need quickly and effectively.

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Concierge Addiction & Family Counseling

Convenient, designed for your busy life counseling ... most services can be provided by phone, by video or at your home or office in the greater Atlanta area.   


Finding a provider who is sensitive to your need for discretion, confidentiality and the ability to continue with your obligations while receiving high quality treatment for addictions and other psychological concerns isn't always easy.

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Addiction Counseling & Sober Coaching

Based on decades of experience, Dr. Kirkpatrick's Addiction Counseling and Sober Coaching Programs were developed for clients who are considering taking the important first step of their own recovery, or who are in need of aftercare following treatment. 


Highly individualized programs are designed with you in mind ... many services conveniently offered Concierge-style throughout the metro Atlanta area.

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I Can Help You & Your Family

Being an addict or having one in the family is hard.  It's painful, frustrating, frightening and leaves you feeling helpless and alone.  The seemingly endless cycle of addiction - periods of reckless and dangerous behavior followed by brief glimpses of hope and control.  Then often for no apparent reason it starts over again, only it's even worse than before.

There is hope and recovery is possible for anyone. Since you probably didn't land on my website by mistake, I'm really glad you're here.  You will not only find information on my practice, but you can learn a great deal about addiction by reading the blogs I've written on the topic over the years.

I've not only helped countless addicts and their families overcome addiction, but I've been there myself and know what it feels like to be hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol.  My own experience along with years of  training have shown me that anger and tough love aren't the answers.

My gentle, invitational style Addiction Counseling Programs and Interventions work to get addicts into recovery.  Providing expert guidance in a non-judgmental and compassionate way most often results in them choosing to get help for themselves, increasing their chances of success.

The first step is always the hardest, yet the most important one you'll ever take.  Please take advantage of my free 20 minute appointment call so we can get you or your loved one on the road to recovery!

Call 678-316-3991 now or use the Contact Form to ask questions or request a consultation.

About Me

“My personal recovery journey began several decades ago when my family loved me enough to intervene on my addiction.  To this day I see their actions as the kindest thing they could've done for me.  Their efforts not only saved my life, but awakened a deep desire to help others end the addiction cycle for themselves and their families.”

–Joseph Kirkpatrick, PhD, LPC

Therapy Sessions
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