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About Dr. Kirkpatrick

Dr. Joseph Kirkpatrick is an Atlanta Addiction Specialist and Professional Interventionist with specialized training and experience in Trauma/PTSD and Family Conflict. 


He finds true joy in helping clients and their families regain hope and stability through holistic addiction treatment and therapy for other mental disorders. Joseph uses powerful, evidence-based techniques and the ARISE Intervention model to invite addicts into an effective, non-judgmental addiction treatment program.

Dr. Kirkpatrick has been practicing excellence in the mental health field for decades.  His extensive experience and training allow him to offer individualized psychotherapy and intervention services for each client’s needs.

Intervention and Addiction Counseling

After completing an American Psychological Association (APA) internship in Counseling, Dr. Kirkpatrick earned a Ph.D. in Counseling, with an emphasis in Psychology, from the University of Georgia in 1984.  The State of Georgia granted him the designation of Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in 1992, and he received his ARISE Interventionist certification in 2014. However, Dr. Kirkpatrick didn’t stop there. He’s consistently pursued continuing education above and beyond his credential requirements so he can help people struggling with addictions of all kinds reclaim their lives.


What is ARISE Intervention?

The ARISE approach to intervention is a 3-step plan focused on creating a family network that gently encourages addicts to accept help.

Once the addicted individual accepts and enters treatment, the ARISE method continues by supporting the family and the addict as they both heal. This involves confidential therapy, relapse prevention training, and addiction-specific counseling. It also empowers family members to form a strong bond with their loved ones to help them as they recover and take back their life.

ARISE Intervention method

How My Own Addiction Inspired Me to Help Others

In this blog, I share my own personal story of recovery from addiction and the reason I have devoted much of my professional life to helping addicts and their families recover from substance abuse.


Recently I read something I really liked in the Facebook group Voices to End Addiction and Inspire Recovery. The young lady sharing her story said, “I live my recovery out loud, so others don’t have to die quietly.”  I’ve been reflecting on writing my story in a blog for months now, and the woman sharing hers gave me the inspiration to tell my own story.

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