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Concierge Addiction & Family Counseling

Are you a high profile individual or family looking for a provider who is sensitive to your need for discretion, confidentiality and ability to continue with your obligations while receiving high quality treatment for addictions and other psychological concerns?  Then Concierge Counseling may be the answer you’re looking for.

Dr. Kirkpatrick has moved away from a traditional in-office model to a Concierge Boutique model.  What this means for you is that he is able to offer his professional services in a way that is adaptable to the overwhelming  professional, career and family demands on his client’s time today.

The reason behind this change is that decades of experience and training have shown Joseph that deep, lasting change occurs most frequently in his clients when he utilizes methods that don’t necessarily fit the traditional office visit model.  His psychotherapy services may involve families and friends when appropriate, extended sessions, private concierge services in person at your home or office, or via video or telephone at a time that works with your schedule.  This practice model allows for treatment to occur in ways that encourage a rapid therapeutic process of healing to take place due to increased accessibility, convenience and frequency.  In addition, Dr. Kirkpatrick limits the number of clients at any one time to ensure being extremely accessible to the individuals, couples and families he works with.

Is Concierge Counseling a Good Fit for YOU?

“Concierge Counseling” is ideal for today’s busy professionals and families, especially those with extremely hectic schedules.  Your therapist works with you on your terms, and personalized treatment plans are designed with your lifestyle, schedule and communication preferences in mind. 


As a professional counselor and interventionist with decades of private practice experience, I’m always seeking cutting-edge, best practice ways of helping individuals and families heal.  I’ve added concierge counseling to my practice in recent years due to my belief that it has some significant advantages over regular office visits ...

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