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Concierge Addiction Counseling

Addiction counseling is a sensitive topic, especially if you’re a high-profile individual whose reputation could suffer. But no one should suffer alone because getting help could hurt their reputation.


That’s why Dr. Kirkpatrick offers concierge counseling designed to give you sensitivity, discretion, confidentiality, and real help. If you are in need, Dr. Kirkpatrick can provide it in a way that fits your schedule without drawing attention or requiring you to come to his office.


Over his decades of service, Dr. Kirkpatrick has found that true, lasting change happens when he utilizes methods that don’t necessarily fit the traditional office visit model. That’s why his boutique psychotherapy services may include:

  • Family and friends

  • Extended sessions

  • Private, in-person services

  • Flexible locations, such as your home or office

  • Telehealth addiction treatment


This practice model allows for treatment to occur in ways that encourage a rapid, therapeutic healing process to take place. Dr. Kirkpatrick believes that when addiction treatment is accessible, convenient, and frequent, it becomes undeniably effective. 


In addition, he limits the number of clients he works with at any one time to ensure that he’s always highly accessible to the individuals, couples, and families he’s working with.


Start Your Journey Today

If you or someone dear to you is struggling with addiction, Dr. Kirkpatrick is here to support you as you start your journey toward recovery.


Reach out at (678) 316-3991, or simply click the button below to fill out a secure and confidential form and provide information about your circumstances.

Is Concierge Counseling a Good Fit for You?



“Concierge Counseling” is ideal for today’s busy professionals and families, especially those with extremely hectic schedules.  Your therapist works with you on your terms, and personalized treatment plans are designed with your lifestyle, schedule and communication preferences in mind. 


As a professional counselor and interventionist with decades of private practice experience, I’m always seeking cutting-edge, best practice ways of helping individuals and families heal.  I’ve added concierge counseling to my practice in recent years due to my belief that it has some significant advantages over regular office visits ...​

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