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Professional Interventions & Crisis Management

When you or your loved one are in the middle of a crisis, you need someone experienced who knows how to navigate the many adverse circumstances that often occur when a client is active in substance abuse, other addiction or psychological concern.

Interventions are an effective tool to place an addicted and/or diagnosed mentally disordered individual on the path to a successful recovery.  Over the past 15 years, Dr. Kirkpatrick has developed a heartfelt passion and an advanced skill set for this particular treatment modality.  His seasoned approach is caring, inviting and assures the best outcome for your loved one.  His style is to bring the individual in need of care into the conversation early so they can take ownership in their decision to get help, and have a voice in deciding the best treatment options for their needs.  Each person and every situation is unique, and his services are determined and provided with the best outcome as the priority.

Joseph is with you and your family through the entire process – providing professional guidance during and through the crisis, intervention preparation, the intervention itself, selecting the appropriate level of treatment, arranging safe transport, communicating with family and providers during treatment, and developing an Aftercare Recovery Plan.

A well prepared Aftercare and Relapse Prevention Plan ensures that your loved one is able to make a smooth transition to the necessary local resources after leaving treatment, and begin a successful recovery track.  Having been in touch with the treatment team regularly throughout the stay and preparation for discharge, Dr. Kirkpatrick is able to recommend and align the best resources in the area.  Exact needs vary for each client, but a network of therapists, psychiatrists, support groups, community resources, recovery pathways, peer recovery contacts and sober living residences will be made available as appropriate.

(Addictions include Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Pornography, Gambling, Gaming and Internet.  Crisis management/intervention services are available for all Addictions as well as Bipolar Disorder, Severe Depression, Schizophrenia, Trauma and Psychosis.)

Interventions: What Every Family Should Know

As a highly trained, certified and experienced interventionist, my job is to work with families on how to motivate loved ones in need of treatment to get the appropriate level of care.  Here are some things I believe every family should know about professional interventions, and about hiring the right interventionist ...

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