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Is Concierge Counseling a Good Fit for YOU?

Concierge Counseling

Imagine this … a competent therapist with extensive experience and expertise is on call just for YOU anywhere and anytime. Sessions can be in person at your home or office, by phone or video chat … with evening and weekend appointments. It is possible with my concierge counseling practice.

“Concierge Counseling” is ideal for today’s busy professionals and families, especially those with extremely hectic schedules. Your therapist works with you on your terms, and personalized treatment plans are designed with your lifestyle, schedule and communication preferences in mind.

As a professional counselor and interventionist with decades of private practice experience, I’m always seeking cutting-edge, best practice ways of helping individuals and families heal. I’ve added concierge counseling to my practice in recent years due to my belief that it has some significant advantages over regular office visits.


Taking time out of your busy schedule to travel to the stationary office of a psychotherapist is often a hindrance to receiving therapy – especially in Atlanta traffic. I am available to come to you at times that are convenient for your schedule, including evenings and weekends. Phone consultations and video chats make it even easier to stay on track with your treatment plan.


You will never have your privacy compromised by running into someone from work, school, church or other organization at a therapist’s office. Some high-profile clients over the years have really appreciated this extra layer of anonymity and discretion.


My practice allows you to have frequent contact with me via face to face sessions, telephone, video and email. And because I limit the number of clients I am working with at any given time, you have much more access to me even on evenings and weekends when something unexpected comes up between appointments.


A 50-min therapeutic session is not always the best form of healing for certain presenting problems. For example, some new and very effective trauma treatment methods cannot be delivered effectively in a typical therapeutic hour. As a trauma specialist, I have been trained in specific methods that produce healing within a few sessions; however, the sessions need to be at least 90 minutes and sometimes up to 3 hours for the techniques to work properly. Likewise, some addictions do not require an inpatient stay. Using family therapy and various support network options to provide concierge counseling on an outpatient basis allows an intensive, yet less restrictive form of treatment – many individuals can continue to work and meet family obligations at the same time.


Often with my intervention and family therapy services, situations arise that require extensive involvement and a rapid response time. My concierge practice model allows me to get back to you very quickly and make myself available when needed.


I’ve seen the benefits of concierge counseling first hand and am pleased to make this valuable service available to clients in the Atlanta area! I offer a free 20 min phone appointment and would be happy to discuss how concierge counseling could benefit you. Please reach out through the contact form on my website or call me directly 678-316-3991.

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