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Why Hire a Sober Coach in Early Recovery?

Research has shown that the highest level of relapse in people recovering from addiction occurs in the first weeks after treatment, and here’s why that happens …

You or your loved one just completed treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction. You’ve learned so much from your program and are really excited about living a “normal” life again. Then it hits you … your life while addicted to drugs or alcohol was anything but normal. The fear begins to set in as you’re faced with strained personal and professional relationships, building a support network, fitting recovery meetings into your schedule and finding new ways to enjoy life without drugs and alcohol. The pressure mounts and before you realize what’s happening, the urge to use just comes out of nowhere … and you relapse.

How can you prevent this from happening to you or your loved one? I suggest hiring a Sober Coach to help you navigate the pitfalls of early recovery. A professional Sober Coach is someone in long term recovery who is also trained and experienced in the treatment of addiction. They offer encouragement, provide accountability and show you how to build a structured peer support network. They can connect you with recovery meetings (AA/NA, Smart Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, Mindfulness based, etc.) and help you find therapists, doctors or legal assistance if needed.

My concierge Sober Coaching programs also include:

  • Critical relapse prevention skills

  • Learning to have fun without mind altering substances

  • Life skills to cope with challenging circumstances

  • New ways of thinking that promote joy, self-respect and compassion

  • Skills for developing healthy relationships

  • Setting goals for a successful life

  • Ways to express your passion and discover your life’s purpose

  • Necessary skills to face difficult and painful situations without using

Sober Coaching first emerged in the 1980’s when the band Aerosmith needed to have someone travel with them to help them resist their drug addictions. By the late 1990's and early 2000's sober coaching had advanced into a professional career. Research studies started coming out in 2010 and 2011 indicating the effectiveness of Sober Coaching. Today’s Sober Coaching is seen by professionals as an important option for individuals early in recovery, as well as those experiencing chronic relapses.

My recommendation is that Sober Coaching should last from between 90 days to one year, depending on individual requirements and how quickly recovery skills are mastered. Each of my concierge Sober Coaching programs are designed around the specific needs of each client.

Encouraging and assisting other people in recovery is a real pleasure for me. Providing concierge Sober Coaching allows me an opportunity to help people early in recovery build a great new life, free of drugs and alcohol. I believe that they and their families deserve it!


I’ve seen the benefits of Sober Coaching first hand, and am pleased to make this valuable service available to clients in the Atlanta area! I offer a free 20 min phone appointment and would be happy to discuss how concierge counseling could benefit you. Please reach out through the contact form on my website or call me directly 678-316-3991.

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