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Could “Positive Psychology” Benefit You?

Joseph Kirkpatrick, PhD, LPC discusses “Positive Psychology,” which focuses on character strengths and helps develop a greater sense of well-being. In today’s world there is a real need to not just correct mental health concerns (addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, etc.) but also to develop the potential of an individual to thrive. By increasing one’s sense of well-being and strength of character, one will find they now have the life skills and motivation to handle challenging times.

Thank you for watching my video blog and I sincerely hope you found it helpful! In summary, a combination of Positive Psychology and traditional therapeutic practices can help you experience a deeper healing and discover more purpose and meaning in your life. Research shows that people with purpose and meaning are much better equipped to get through crises. There is a long list of benefits from Positive Psychology – here is just a sampling: increased character strength, happiness, positive feelings, present moment focus, kindness, optimism, resilience, hope, life satisfaction, compassion, self-esteem, forgiveness, altruism and positive relationships.

Be on the lookout for more videos on various therapeutic topics in the future. I welcome your comments, questions and inquiries on this video, as well as how professional counseling may be helpful for addiction and many other mental health concerns. You may reach me directly via email through the contact form on my website Visiting my website will also provide you with information about me and my practice in Atlanta, GA. In addition, there are several years’ worth of blogs I’ve written on various topics that may be of interest, along with an opportunity to subscribe to the blog which will include my upcoming videos sent directly to your email. I may also be reached by phone or text at 678-316-3991.


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