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Dr. K's Bookshelf: How God Changes Your Brain

The title of this months book is very exciting in and of itself. “How God Changes Your Brain” presents scientific evidence that prayer and meditation can help rewire the brain to be optimistic and positive. This may help make healthy changes in our emotional and physical health.

During my decades in recovery the practice of prayer and meditation (more recently mindfulness) I believe has help me become more optimistic, peaceful and more compassionate. Seeing the next right thing to do seems much easier. Our thoughts become our friend.

The bottom line for me is that when we purposely program our brain to focus on functionally properly the way we move through the world changes for the better. Our thoughts become our friends vs something to wrestle with daily.

A large portion of the book is dedicated to suggested exercises that will ultimately help contemplating God to change your brain.

For anybody that wants to have scientific evidence that spiritual practices can be very healing, this book would be a good read. Just as important it supports many different spiritual processes having the same positive affect. Basically there’s no one right way to connect with our Higher Power, God or the universe.

As always please feel free to email me your reactions to this book. As a very curious student of spiritual processes I enjoy other peoples views. Please know that my curiosity welcomes other books of importance to you that provide information on spiritual and emotional growth.

Just be curious and be safe!

PS- next month will review “The Wisdom to Know the Difference” by Kelly Wilson, PhD and Troy DuFrene


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