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Concierge Counseling


Concierge Counseling also is much more private and much more confidential in the sense that you'll be able to come to a session over the phone or do it in your office or home in a way that is not as public as coming to, you know, a therapist office. I like doing Concierge Counseling and it really does provide the extra attention that some people need.

In conclusion, I wanted to say one more thing. It's important for me as a treatment professional that in any way I approach my work and any techniques that I use or any milieu that I use in regard to treatment has to show effectiveness. One of the things I noticed after years of doing traditional therapy in the office was a lot of times people needed more than one hour. They needed more time to be able to process things, and I went to do groups that lasted 2 hours at the family session or an hour and half and I still found them sometimes constricted.

The effectiveness of Concierge Counseling in part, is due to the fact that the person has unlimited access to me, and I don't mean that they come three or four hours a day, every day, but they have the ability to have more than just one hour a week access, and I find that that really does help with the effectiveness of the process. It also allows people not to feel rushed and know that they really have the time and need in order to interact with the therapist to help. It also takes the pressure off of me to have to carry large number of people in my caseload. My caseload is 10 to 15 individuals or families at any particular time.

So, I just wanted to mention before you finish this video, that the effectiveness of Concierge Counseling is supported by my personal experience and also supported by the research in the literature. Hope this has been helpful. I hope you stop by and visit my webpage I hope you give me a call if you need a free 20 minute consultation, you can find me at 678-316-3991. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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